“My last Realtor was not performing and I am not sure if he even believed that he could sell my business.  After coming across some of Theo’s flyers several times, I decided to call him.  Theo was confident that he could sell my business and he did so within a timely manner and for a fair price.  Since then we have utilized Theo to assist us in buying a home and an investment condo.  We highly recommend Theo as he is a friendly, highly knowledgeable, experienced, and qualified Real Estate Agent”

“I work with you for Buying businesses because you understand business.  The other Realtors they don’t know about financial statements, and business.  You are the man for the job.”

“You did a great job in marketing and selling my home (executive estate).  The photography and brochures were excellent.  I appreciate you attending all of the showings in order to point out all of the features.  You did a great job in negotiating when we thought that the Buyer was walking.  We were able to save the deal.  Thank you very much Theo.”

“You’re  different from the other Agents.  They cannot do what you do.  They don’t even know half of what you know.”

“How do you know so much about business, where did you learn all of this?”

“You’re one of the best Commercial Realtors that I have come across.  You’re very good with people and you know a lot”

“Wow we did not expect multiple offers in this market.  At first we did not believe you when you said that you could sell it for this much, but you did.  Thank you very much.””
Bob & Claire

“Wow your construction background really saved our but” (new home purchase for a repeat client)
Bob & Claire

“Thank you so much.  You did a great job in helping us find the right home.  You were very patient with us, we looked at so many homes and in the end we found the perfect home.  We are very happy.  Thank you!”
Mike & Kandy

“These Buyers are paying too much.  Are they nuts?” (Seller comment, deal completed)

“This one was a very good buy.  No I don’t want to sell it (resell it for more).  I am going to keep it in my portfolio for a while.  Please find me more great deals like this one.  Thank you Theo”

“Thank you Theo.  We are so glad to sell the business and move on.  You’ve been very patient and professional with us.  Thank you for everything.”

“Theo you are very smart and you’re good.  You know what you are doing Theo.””

“Theo I would not be as loyal with any other Agent.  In a situation like this I usually just go direct to the listing agent, but not with you.”
Confidential Developer

“That was a very good deal.  The Seller take back mortgage was a better deal than the bank would give.
The property has increased by over 2.5 million dollars since I bought it (3 years earlier).  Thank you Theo.”